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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 5, 2009 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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see you friday. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute jon: good morning to you. happening now, republicans gather on capitol hill to urge a house call, asking americans from coast to coast to make their voices heard in washington right now on health care reform. jane: we're waiting for more details after the seven-month old girl who was missing for five days has been found. she is alive and well. police searched dumpsters and garbage chance, but where she was found brought investigators to tears. jon: what would you say about $2 million to ferry a dozen passengers around? a story that will have you wondering if our government has all of its oars in the water.
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they are putting the 10-year price tag on health care reform at $61 billion in the republican plan, compared to the trillion dollars democrats would spend. james is on capitol hill to break it all down for us. a little bit first about the major elements of this republican bill. >> the elements of the bill have been laid out online. and they wanted to wait for the full, final language of the democratic bill, meaning the addition of the manager's amendment, 42 additional pages on top of 2000. as we look at the score from the congressional budget office, sort of the neutral umpire keeper of all the figures, they say the republican alternative will cost 61 billion over 10 years time, significantly smaller of that amount than
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democrats want to spend. it will leave covered 83% of americans, basically the percentage of americans with health care coverage now. republicans have always said their alternative would not focus on extending coverage on everyone in america. it would lower premiums for almost all people with health care insurance, and that is an important point. the congressional budget office has not been able to say the same for any of the democratic proposals. it will also cover pain and suffering, but most importantly, to some, the bill would do nothing to end the practice of insurance companies denying coverage to those individuals who have pre-existing consistent -- conditions. that is an initial look at some of the cbo figures on this. jon: i guess that the democrats are calling this fiction. what do you say about that?
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>> nancy pelosi is speaking right now at a news conference. we will bring you her comments a little later. but her aid has already told fox news at that republicans cannot be proud of what they have put forward, precisely because of the last element, that the bill does nothing to end the insurance company practice of denying coverage to those citizens with pre-existing conditions. all this is a bit of tilting at windmills, though. jane: new unemployment numbers. 512,000 americans filed for unemployment for the very first time last week. it is a lot, but better than economists expected, and below stubble of new claims since the beginning of the year. this all comes as the house is set to vote on extending unemployment benefits. tell us what we are seeing,
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jenna. >> 512,000 americans is still a big number, but compared to the peak of the recession, 674,000, that is the most we saw during the recession. if you look at this week, it is the best full week all year long, 512,000 was the number of americans filing for first-time unemployment. the norm that we are looking for is 350,000. that is the average we of worked with during help the economic times. we are far from the worst, but also 160,000 off from what would be normal. so that is what extension benefits are particularly important as you see more and more americans leave regular collections and move toward extended benefits. we heard from the senate that in any state, you would get 14 extra weeks of extended benefits.
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if you are in california or north carolina where your unemployment rate is 8.5%, you will get a total on top of that of 20 weeks of extended benefits. at the end of this year, a lot of extension benefits will expire, so this could actually backfill some of the extended benefits we already have, giving people support during a tough time. it is widely expected to pass in some form in relatively short order. it could be today. jon: shoppers were out in force at some stores last month. retailers reported mixed sales results from october. costco saw sales jump by five %. clothing stores are not doing as well. the children's place is reporting declines, and limited brands inc. saw a bigger than expected drop.
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jane: soldiers are fighting in south waziristan, on afghanistan's border. this is the area where osama bin laden is said to be hiding. fighting has really intensified , with force is zooming in on three basis. they have used the region as a base from afghanistan since 2001. jon: believe it or not, a potentially deadly hurricane is bringing landfall in out in central america. hurricane ida bringing high winds and 20 inches of rain, remaining for 24 hours or so. mudslides are a threat, and the storm could emerge, gaining strength once again, heading into the gulf of mexico.
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janice dean is watching things from the fox weather center. it seems like rain could be a real problem. >> that is the legacy, with flash flooding and mudslides over nicaragua and honduras. the storm was a tropical depression this time yesterday. it goes from a depression, 35 miles an hour sustained winds, to a hurricane. it is one of the fastest intensification storms we have seen since we have been keeping records. so that is going to be the legacy of ida, as well. right now, making landfill across -- landfall across nicaragua. there is a good chance that the storm will go into the caribbean again, then into the yucatan channel. it looks like it could become a tropical storm yet again by the weekend, emerging into the gulf of mexico.
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this is a busy time of year when we see a lot of troughs moving across the united states, so i do not think we will see a hurricane again, but looked at the models. definitely there is a possibility for the store to re- emerge in the gulf of mexico, possibly making another landform -- landfall into florida. hurricane season does not end until the end of november. back to you. jon: i cannot believe that. new orleans is going to have to watch out again. jane: take a look at live pictures from capitol hill. on the left, we are monitoring nancy pelosi's news conference. on the right, all live picture of the capital. -- a live picture of the capitol. republicans are not the party in power, so even if thousands were to show up at the top of the hour, would that make a difference?
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jon: a drug bust at an ocean springs, mississippi, home. the son of a couple running the center was making a mess, cooking it up right around where the kids were attending a preschool and playing. and it gets worse. he was under house arrest on a 2004 cocaine charge. >> when you are responsible for someone's children, why would you have a convicted felon living where there is day care? it boggles my mind. jon: parents are urged to have their kids checked out as a precaution. jane: on capitol hill, republicans are preparing for a rally on health care to start at the top of the hour. they want to remind democrats of the outrage we have seen over health care reform, calling on
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americans to go door to door, talking to their congressman about the bill. the chairman of the house republican conference is with us now. thank you for your time. let's talk about what the cbo had to say about your republican plan. the big concern among critics as they look at it is that the cbo says by 2019 this would extend coverage only to 3 million more americans and you still would have 52 million out in the cold. >> the plan would result in lowering the cost of health insurance by about 10% for the 85% of working americans with health insurance today. we actually believe that the cbo is not taking into account in their estimates about coverage what will happen when you make health insurance more affordable. back in indiana -- i know that
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liberals in washington are forced into thinking about universal coverage, but in indiana, people are saying to me, look, what is killing me is the cost of health insurance. in many cases, people are saying, i would love to offer insurance to employees, but we cannot afford it. so this plan focuses on offering health insurance to crossed -- across state lines, creating national risk pools, and it uses innovation to lower the cost of insurance. we are delighted that the cbo confirmed a 10% reduction in premiums, and they also predicted a deficit reduction of billions of dollars within the next 10 years. jane: this thing does not have a shot at passing. why spend your energy on this instead of a compromise with democrats? >> i really hope that we can
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stop the pelosi plan for a government takeover of health care. if we can stop their plan in its tracks this weekend, then i think those conversations can happen. but truthfully, jane, the bill that is now headed to the floor with all five hours of debate was essentially cooked up behind closed doors over the last two months, with republicans not invited into the room. democrats that did not support the public option were not invited, either. just the white house, liberals on capitol hill, and special interest groups. republicans felt it was important to offer a republican alternative that lowered the cost of health insurance, was responsible, and dealt with pre- existing conditions by taking the money we were saving in the deficit and using it to strengthen those funds at the state level there for families
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with pre-existing conditions. jane: will it pass? nancy pelosi was smiling yesterday, saying that we picked up two more votes. >> i really believe that the answer to that is outside of these hallways, jane. i think it is a little bit closer to the thousands of people gathering at the west front of the capitol and the millions of americans following the debate on this broadcast network. they can go to when we have our 12 hour marathon starting at 1:00. a minority in congress plus the american people = a majority. if the american people will rise up, let their voices be heard, tell congress that they do not want a government takeover of health care, and they want to lower the cost of health insurance, we will defeat this bill and pull together some
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conservative democrats. all of us republicans will have the kind of alternatives we are proposing today. jane: thanks you. also, in the interest of fairness and balance, we will be joined with the congressman from connecticut in the next hour. jon: the world body makes a major decision about its presence inside afghanistan. we will tell you what the united nations are doing.
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jane: we want to get to breaking news concerning afghanistan. our troops are coming under mortar fire there. day net -- dana is in kabul for us. explain what is happening there.
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>> we took a tour with the top commander of eastern afghanistan today when we started taking mortar fire at an operating basis, telling you help dangerous and bold the enemy is. eastern afghanistan has seen a 30% increase in violence over the last year or so. we salute into one of the operating -- we flew into one of the operating bases on the border today, and in the middle of the interview with the commander, mortar started landed at the base. >> [inaudible]
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there were tense moments as american forces returned fire. there has been an exchange of mortars now. soldiers have been firing out after several came in here while we were doing our interview, and it was very, very close. the incoming order to -- mortars lifted off. insurgents may have well been targeting the general for the area. >> is at a special present for you? >> it must be. >> jane, we do not want to live you -- leave you with the impression that he was running for the helicopter. he went to the tactical center to work with afghan and u.s. forces to go into the field and catch these guys.
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but this is a very dangerous area of afghanistan. jane: is there any indication of who did this? were they able to get them? >> they were not able to get them. some al qaeda, not carry many, but a lot of taliban. this is one of the areas where 40,000 u.s. soldiers, if they pressed to the launch button, this is where the troops would go, because they are badly needed here. jane: pretty incredible stuff. thanks. jon: the united nations has decided to pull hundreds of staff members out of afghanistan. others will be relocated to safer places in afghanistan. these evacuations are said to be temporary, but can they be seen as a blow to the counterinsurgency war strategy? that plan calls for civilian
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back up for troops in the region. tony schaefer is here, director of external communications for the center for advanced defense studies. nobody wants to see innocent civilians killed in an attack like the one that happened last week, but that is what is prompting this move by the united nations. what do you think of pulling the aid workers out? isn't that what they want? >> that is what they want, and that is what we have to prevent. during this year, the fed over 8.8 million people. that is food going to the people. they do a number of things that add to the stability. our ultimate objective is regional stability. not to run the government or for a democracy, but to stabilize the country. at this point in time, this has to come as a blow to the obama white house by the fact that
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this is not a vote of confidence in our ability to remain in control security in kabul, which is equivalent to the green zone of iraq. jon: there was an attack in iraq that killed an ambassador years ago, but iraq settle down eventually. is there a moral? >> i was just on your sister network, sky news, yesterday, talking about british fighters killed there. we have to take a serious look at security. one thing recognized as the need to enhance internal security. we need to take it seriously, or we will lose our ability to stabilize the economy and the people and frankly, we have to look to the united nations and their civilian employees to do much of that stability work. we cannot use soldiers for the purposes of going to villages
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and helping the government, setting up apparatus. we have to look to the united nations to do that and get partnership between nato and the primary united nations organization in afghanistan to enhance their ability to create security and work parallel to each other. jon: it looks like karzai will be in charge for another five years after these elections were essentially canceled. a lot of fingers are being pointed at him in this attack last week where five were killed. a couple of security guards held the attack off for an hour, and they were taking on taliban fighters with automatic weapons. no response for an hour from forces. isn't that kind of thing we are training their security people to handle?
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>> absolutely, since 2003. i do not want to detract from an idea of our idea of training, but the military is in better shape than the police force. the police force seems corrupt, because often people join from a local area with their own agenda. the national army has to be the focus of how we stabilize the country. an organization that does best for the people, not for politicians or other groups. jane: nothing more relaxing the riverboat cruise, unless you are paying for someone else to take the ride. wait until you hear how many of your tax dollars are going to ferry less than a dozen people a day on that nice ride. you could have bought each one of them a boat. sfx:racking of a taillight. female valve: hahahaha...i am strong like the ox.
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jane: at the top of the hour, we expect to hear from investigators out of this florida case. this baby has been a simplified days and was just found alive in a box underneath the bed. three people are detained, and we're waiting to hear more about them. what is described as the baby sitter -- one is described as a
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babysitter. we will tell you more coming up. another supreme court nomination. now there is controversy because of david hamilton's ties to acorn and his record on abortion. shannon, why are conservatives opposed to this particular nomination? >> they say that overall he is just another liberal jurist. according to a 2003 speech where he said part of the job of judges is to write footnotes to the constitution. as a conservative, that alone is a controversial statement. he was asked about it and he thinks that the framers would attend because of evolving case law. he also talked about abortion, talking about decisions where he blocked the informed consent abortion law in indiana.
11:33 am
overall, he is said to be bad news and not the kind of nomination they are hoping to get from the president. as you would imagine, a top democrats like patrick leahy, a top democrats are saying that they want to see him move forward, but it is not just democrats. there is a key republican at work here from his home state, home states haven't richard lugar -- home state senator richard lugar are supports him. they have given him a well qualified rating. he has plenty of supporters who says anybody who opposes hamilton at this time is doing an attempted smear campaign.
11:34 am
in the same time over the bush administration, only 38% of nominees had gotten hearings at this point. we know that on both sides of the aisle nominations are stalled and blocked. now democrats are saying the same thing. in response to that particular committee, it looks like democrats do not have the facts on their side at this point. jon: some in west virginia are voicing outrage over the foot bridge built next to another footbridge by the sidewalk. they are upset at the governor for spending $80,000 of stimulus money to build the new bridge,
11:35 am
your tax dollars, in other words. it is part of the daily outrage feature at the "washington examiner." they already had a bridge, but the governor decided that they need another one? >> the board for lincoln county is involved in a weird building a bridge construction and transportation project, and on the application, it says it would link the town of hamlin to lincoln county high school. but people are not even certain of how they can do that. it is not exactly clear where this bridge is going to go. jon: even the board president is not sure what it will accomplish. >> right. they are just saying, well, we think it will be a big improvement, but they are not giving details. a lot of this appears to have been done in secret away from
11:36 am
public scrutiny. very few people knew about the project until the stimulus money was approved by the government. jon: and in oklahoma, you have almost $2 million in stimulus money supporting a commuter boat program. i never thought of oklahoma city as a river commuter city, but that is what they are doing, and it involves what, 12 passengers each trip? >> exactly. only about 11,000 people a year used the boats. they do not have many stops, although they say they will add more. they say it is important for infrastructure, but at 12 people per trip, it does not sound integral. but they went to the association of central oklahoma governments and asked if they were eligible for stimulus money, and the group said yes, so they kicked it over to the federal transit
11:37 am
administration, says that they have no choice but to find these things. and they have no choice but to approve these things if they are eligible. so there is nobody scrutinizing whether these things are worth spending money on. if it is eligible, it will get it. jon: even tom coburn said that if folks want a commuter boat service, they should pay for it themselves. >> thank you very much. jane: the yankees winning the world series could be good news for you. historically, the stocks go up when the yankees win. let's get to sandra smith, and she can tell us if this victory will boost the market. is this going to be good for our retirement? >> history shows that a lot of good things are going for this world series that point to a bright 2010 for the stock
11:38 am
market. but only was a six-game series, ending in six games has been positive for the stock market. this is all according to s&p capital, a financial research firm. so the six-game series is positive for the stock market. also, in years after the yankees won, the market return on average 10% -- returned on average 10%. and this is actually another positive for the stock market next year. in years where the phillies lost, looking back over 73 years, the stock market averaged an 11% gain. so those things bode well for the 2010 market year. jane: all right. so which team is related to the
11:39 am
worst return? >> new york yankees, you are going to love this, the team correlated with the worst performance for the s&p 500 is no other than the red sox. so a 37% drop we saw last time the red sox won the series, 2007, and the year following that was a big loss for the market. jane: thank you very much. jon: somehow, i do not think phillies fans are rejoicing defect that their team losing has this response -- the fact that their team losing has this response. a baby girl missing for five days is found alive in a box under a bed. how in the world did that happen? and new details about a suspect in the case connected with another missing child long ago .
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jon: a former new york city police commissioner please guilty on federal charges. we have more from the breaking news desk. >> this is bernard character -- keric, a pick at one point to be george bush's homeland security secretary. he could not make the addition, so he withdrew his name. that is how many know him. he also became known because of charges that he had employed illegal immigrants and had tax problems. according to the associated press, he has just decided to plead guilty of charges of lying to the white house. there are more churches coming as well -- not more tractors, more details.
11:44 am
but he is admitting that he lied to the white house and admitting to tax charges, as well. as i learn more, i will bring you more. this is very french -- fresh, according to the ap. jon: once again, we're on the job hunt, finding enterprising gardeners who are helping in new york city's neighborhood in creating jobs at the same time. >> we are in over town, a black neighborhood in downtown miami. the people taking these jobs are essentially people who did not have jobs before but now are making $10 an hour or $15 an hour. modern urban farmers. this was an abandoned, neglected property, and now it is growing everything from collard greens
11:45 am
to pumpkins. the organizers of this project, rich in the city, says that nationwide, a major cities have failed to address the issue of how do you get people to break the cycle of poverty? how do you get them jobs that they can continue to keep? their answer is to take bigger properties, make them into gardens, and let everything, including their economic stability, growth. -- grow. jon: kind of a socio-economic experiment. >> it is. we are now hearing a classic end-of-summer rainstorm in miami. you take these neglected properties, you beautify them, growing beautiful healthy, organic vegetables, and that will help the neighborhood,
11:46 am
leading to business is developing the neighborhood, which again will lead to residential businesses built up. so far, this experiment is working, with good development right around the corner. and here comes the rain. jon: that is great to see. thanks, phil. jane: now we want to get to this incredible story of florida. we're waiting for a news conference to begin in 50 minutes or so. they have found a seven-month old baby girl. she was missing for five days, and they were looking in dumpsters, a garbage cans, you name it. they found this little baby, shannon, underneath the bed in her baby sitter's home. she was inside a box. investigators now say they have detained three people. more details on them in a couple of minutes. we do know that one is the babysitter, a woman named susan
11:47 am
baker who has a criminal record that includes assault and battery on a child and was in salt in a separate case, looked at in the disappearance of a three-year-old. we have a reporter from the miami "harold"on a phone with us today. -- we have a reporter from the "miami herald." jane: explain what investigators have said to you about how they found her. her look at this trial. these people were trying to hide her? >> she certainly was being hidden. at this point, we do not know why, but we will find out in about 59 minutes. jane: the sheriff said that it made a grown man cry when they found this adorable baby left there to die, it sounds like.
11:48 am
>> i do not know about that. she was being -- there was a dirty diaper when they found her. jane: so they were feeding her but they kept her hidden in a box? >> it seems that way. we do not know why at this point. there is a suspicious history, i guess you could say. as far as being in a box, it was from about 8:00 a.m. in the morning until they found her at 9:55 at night. before that, we do not know where she was. jane: let's talk about the babysitter. susan baker is her name, and she has quite a history that you have been looking into. not only is she suspected in this case, with authorities telling us she was under a bed, she was also suspected in the disappearance of a 3-year-old
11:49 am
stepson back in 1987 but not charged in that case. a grant terry -- a grand jury did not indict her. she was also convicted for abusing a 6-year-old described as her stepdaughter and served just 80 days of the 10-year prison term. you spoke with her? >> i did, i spoke with her before she was a suspect, before we knew any of that, and she said she had no idea where the child could be. she says that she loves her dearly and she was doing all she could to give a better life. at this point, it does not appear can hear a [inaudible] jane: andrew, thank you for your time. jon: incursion at a nuclear naval base. nuclear base missiles. who was behind it?
11:50 am
he will not believe the characters involved. and remember the northwest flight were pilot and overshot the destination? new information is coming out about how long they were out of touch with air traffic controllers. you will not believe what harris has to tell you. . of
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
>> you have heard jon scott talk about it, but new information coming in on the northwest airlines who were out of touch for about 90 minutes and overshot their destination. now we know that day or out of touch for about three hours. this raises serious concerns about protocol.
11:54 am
norad was not notified for quite some time. brian wilson will have more from washington, d.c. jon: a u.s. navy spokesperson says the anti-war protesters infiltrated a nuclear storage facility. among the group was an 81-year- old priest and and 83-year-old nun. dan springer, what happened? >> it all happened early monday morning. in addition to those two, the others were in their 60s, and they say they were walking around in plain sight with bolt cutters with navy covoys passing them.
11:55 am
-- convoys passing them. >> it was like going to the dark being that close to the weapons, however, it was also an opportunity to pray that the weapons are never used. >> it is like someone breaking into a shopping center in the middle of the night, walking around, they are nowhere near the diamond in the jewelry store. >> even as he downplays the threat, he says security needs to be improved. jon: thank you. martha: in a couple of minutes, -- jane: in a couple of minutes, we will hear from members of congress holding an emergency house call. this is days before nancy pelosi
11:56 am
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute jon: republicans call it an emergency house call, rally in right now. they want regular folks to roam the halls of congress today to discuss health care directly with their members of congress. jane: take a look at these pictures. an attack on a jail house regard. he was there alone with 62 inmates went one of them put him
12:00 pm
in a chokehold. he gets help from an unexpected place. jon: ied's are the number one danger to our troops in afghanistan. the pentagon is trying to reduce that danger. jane: millions of americans are finding out that the flu vaccine is in short supply. government experts say this must unavoidable because the swine flu pandemic is raising the demand for all vaccines in general. marianne silber ais in atlanta at the headquarters of the cdc. how many cases are we seeing this year, more than average? >> officials say that they are seeing almost no cases of seasonal flu. there was a meeting in which members questioned health
12:01 pm
officials at land as far as vaccine shortages and production delays. officials say they are frustrated by the shortages but are unable to prevent them. concern has prompted a lot more people to get their seasonal flu shot, so that is making supplies run out faster. the jane: i know my doctor told me not to worry because -- jane: i know my doctor told me not to worry because we still have a few months. when will we know it is time to get the vaccine for the seasonal flu? >> so far 85 million americans have gotten their seasonal flu shot, compared to last year were 25 million more people had
12:02 pm
gotten their flu shot. with h1n1, more people are concerned and are getting both shots. seasonal flu vaccine production has already been stopped so that they can focus on h1n1. alabama member, experts expect the h1n1 to peak before they can finish all of the vaccines. jon: we are taking a live look on capitol hill. republicans are trying to rally people to just roamed the halls of congress to talk to their members. the idea is to loosen restrictions on insurance providers, a lemon companies to sell their plans across state lines. jim angle, what is the reception of this plan? >> obviously, the republican plan that is getting put forward
12:03 pm
today would do something that has not been done before, allow people to buy injured across state lines. -- insurance across state lines. right now there are huge variations in the numbers and kind of benefits. >> some states have as few as 10, some as many as 50 or more. >> some states require any plan to cover everything from a massage therapy to marriage counseling to hair replacement. and every time you have an additional benefit, the costs go up. the more expensive ones cost thousands of dollars more than the least expensive ones. some are questioning why insurance companies cannot compete across state lines, and hopes that it would lower the
12:04 pm
cost. >> by legislation try to make it -- jon: we are having a bit of an issue with that. thank you, jim angle. jane: the most comprehensive attempt relating to connecting kantor to extra pounds. 105,000 new cantucases of cancee connected to obesity. colorectal cancer, about 12,000 more than that of the pancreas. about 12,000 americans are considered obese, 30 pounds or more above what is considered to
12:05 pm
be healthy. jon: safety in the skies is part of the government's job, but a string of recent incidents, including near-collisions and the district the pilots have some worried. nell a bureaucratic turf war could be making things worse. brian wilson, there has been a lot of news about that the word northwest flight. is the government doing everything they can to keep us safe? >> let me begin with that case first. fox news has learned that that plane was out of contact for three hours. there were three noncontact at times. usually they are resolved in a matter of minutes.
12:06 pm
we are told the first one occurred after the aircraft reached cruising altitude outside of san diego, and there were a total of three, and norad was not contacted until a neighbor approaching minneapolis. when they were contacted, the matter was quickly resolved, but for three hours, the airplane was out of contact, something that will be verified next week as the faa look into it. on the other issue about turf wars, the chairman of the ntsb believes the faa should be doing a lot more. her name is deborah hersman. she is now prodding the folks at the federal aviation administration to move more quickly on the ntsb safety recommendations.
12:07 pm
many have been languishing for five, 10 years. many of them are important things like the icing, the pilot fatigue. >> some of these committees go for years -- five years, 10 years -- and sometimes they do not even come up with good recommendations. we want to see quick action. >> she says there are 400 unresolved safety recommendations, although not all of them are aimed at the faa. jon: what is the response from the faa? >> officials say it is one thing to point out a safety problem and quite another to provide a workable solution. >> i think the ntsb is always looking to push the industry as far as they can to enhance safety. oftentimes, they add that of my
12:08 pm
problems for which there is no solution. first we have to figure out the solution and then how to implement it. >> if you want to look at what the ntsb calls its most wanted safety best of recommendations, you can go to their website, jane: turkish commandos captured five somali pirates attacking a cargo ship. the commandos were backed by a military helicopter. turkey sent a warship to the area to try to deter the pilot attacks. jon: new developments in a story that we have kept you updated on for months. a pharmacist who shot and killed a rubber will have to face a murder trial.
12:09 pm
prosecutors say the pharmacist went too far when he fired the last two shots because the suspect was no longer a threat. he says he was just trying to protect himself. in jane: he was the lone guard on duty, and in may comes up, and put him in a chokehold. what happens next may amaze you. -- jane: he was the lone guard on duty, an inmate comes up, and put him in a chokehold.
12:10 pm
12:11 pm
12:12 pm
jon: this is a fox news alert. we are awaiting a news conference from authorities in florida to the solution of a
12:13 pm
crime that had grown men crying. apparently, investigators said they were calling their wives in tears at the news that this seven-month old baby, missing for five days, was found alive in a box underneath the bed of her baby sitter. charges have been filed with three people in connection with the case, one of them the child's own mother. their past starters against the babysitter as well. it is a very convoluted case, but there is a happy ending to the case of the missing baby. shannon dedrick was found alive. jane: take a look at this video from florida. you can see the deputy sitting alone at his desk when an inmate put him in a chokehold.
12:14 pm
things looked bad, but look at this, several other inmates see the struggle and jump in to help. they pulled the suspect to the ground and held him there as another comes in to radio for help. with me now is the jail commander. colonel, can you believe what you are seeing? >> when we first learned of the incident, we looked at the video, and many of us had the same reaction that you did. it is startling to watch. jane: what was going through the guard's head at this time? >> he was just cleaning up after lunch, and doing some computer work that needed to be done. he had no forewarning of the attack. need this to say, he is shaken up by this but has indicated a desire to get back in here.
12:15 pm
however, he is then up, and we want him to take care of that. the jane: you say that the inmates say it is -- jane: you say that the inmates saved his life. >> no question. we look at the video and it appears that he was able to get his arms locked together in his chokehold. it could have ended tragically. jane: why are these inmates allowed to roam this area? >> our facilities are designed around the wreck supervision. we cannot put people in there that demonstrate a propensity for violence or for people who committed heinous crimes. you are classified based on a number of factors, and it is a
12:16 pm
system of rewards. if you can play by the rules, you can stay in that environment. if not, you will be locked down. in this case, we had only one minor altercation before this, and no indication that we would be seeing this kind of violence. jane: thank you. we need to get to some breaking news. jon: we will go to washington where republican members of congress are holding a news conference to talk about the 2000-page bill that nancy pelosi want to submit for health care reform. you see it stacked there in front of republican tom price. let's listen in to the news conference.
12:17 pm
>> every day our conference meets in the house of representatives meets, we appropriately begin in prayer. so i am pleased to introduce our guest pastor from the episcopal church in maryland. >> let us pray. god, giver of all good things, we thank you for the majesty of this land. we thank you for the resources of this nation, they make us rich. we thank you for the torch of liberty which has been that in this land, drawn people from every nation. we thank you for the faith we have inherited in all of its rich variety. it sustains us in life. help us to strengthen our
12:18 pm
efforts and hasten the day when all people, with many voices, and one united course, will glorify your name. >> wonderful prayer! >> todd eakin. >> thank you for being here. from the pilgrims who came to this land to give america her first constitution, to george washington and his troops who miraculously escaped long island, to the old skeptic, ben franklin, who called for prayer at the constitutional convention, americans have understood that when we get into tough times, it is natural to call on god.
12:19 pm
in 1954, these words were added to our pledge of allegiance -- one nation under god. those words were taken from the gettysburg address delivered by president lincoln. they were first delivered publicly on the steps of the u.s. capitol in june 1954 by president eisenhower. so as we now renew our commitment to the red, white, and blue, let us, with boldness, proclaim the fact that we are one nation under god. [applause] it is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this, and it drives the liberals crazy. [applause] [laughter]
12:20 pm
join us. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, with liberty, and justice for all. >> that was awesome! >> now for our national anthem -- jon: as they move on with some of the other introductory remarks regarding the republican health care plan, we want to take you to another event. also, that will be screaming on if you want to monitor the news conference. in the meantime, they are beginning a news conference in florida about the baby found in a box underneath her babysitters bed after five days. >> shannon is currently located
12:21 pm
at the hospital and we understand she is in good condition. the investigation will visit -- revealed that her mother and susan baker met friday october 30. susan baker asked christina if she would permanently -- if she could permanently take custody of shannon. christina agreed to meet with susan on october 31 at approximately 1:30 a.m. susan baker took custody of shannon from her mother some time in the hours of october 31 . christina mercer has been charged with a third degree felony, desertion of a child, false report missing -- regarding a missing child, first-degree misdemeanor,
12:22 pm
contributing to the delinquency of a child, a first-degree misdemeanor. susan baker was charged neglect of a child with aggravated circumstances, third degree felony -- excuse me, second- degree felony. interference of a child custody, third degree felony. false reports regarding a missing child, first-degree misdemeanor. false report of a crime, first- degree misdemeanor. contributing to the delinquency of a child, a first-degree misdemeanor. we could not have accomplished this without the men and women -- even more that are not present -- standing behind me today. i also want to say thank you to the press for helping us disseminate the information we needed at the time we needed in the search for this child. this is a successful recovery.
12:23 pm
we are glad we could come to this successful event. >> were you surprised that your team could find her? >> i do not know if i can go through that again. we went to the hospital, flying to the hospital, and once we did, five or six of us called our lives this morning to let them know that we had found the child. there were a lot of grown men shedding tears. >> [no audio] >> we have not resolved that issue. >> [no audio] [inaudible] >> we are still going through
12:24 pm
that at this time. >> [inaudible] >> my understanding is she has been fed and is in good condition. she was placed in this box as a hiding mechanism. if she thought that we are coming, she would place the baby in the box and all of these items in front as a disguise. there was no model in the box. she was wrapped up in the box, with baking powder, to cover up the sound of the dirty diaper. -- scent of the dirty diaper. >> [inaudible] >> understand, she was in the
12:25 pm
back, inside of a sealed box. >> [inaudible] >> i think we have photographs of it that we may release. >> you initially said james baker was obtained? >> he has been released as of this morning and we are still working with the state attorney's office to see what direction we need to go. >> [inaudible] >> in this investigation, we have not seen any involvement on his side. this conversation was between susan baker and christina, by themselves. >> what did rusty have to say about the custody of the child?
12:26 pm
>> this is a child is going through dcf, and talking about what happened to the town from there, you will have to talk to them. -- what happens to the child from there, you will have to talk to them. on tuesday we went back to the residents to obtain physical evidence from the vehicle and to put in our search warrant. >> [inaudible] >> i cannot go into the mental health aspects. >> [inaudible] >> that is one of some key pictures. that would compromised some of the things we are doing with the state attorney's office. >> we knew it would be filled
12:27 pm
with drama, the sheriff's office holding a news conference in florida after they found seven- month old shannon deedrick -- shannon dedrick. she was found last night. they had dispatched a canine search and rescue team to the home of her aunt and uncle after they became people of interest. they found the baby inside of a cedar chest that was sealed. it had a lid on it and the child had been in there for about 12 hours. just a little bit about the aunt, she was a question in the disappearance of her own
12:28 pm
child. also accused of abusing a girl 12 years previously. now in custody. now maybe shannon is fine. -- baby shannon is fine. jon: hurricane ida is the building in nicaragua. it could eventually make it to our shores. we will have the latest on its track. and remember cash for clunkers? it turns out that was not the case, that fuel efficiency was not a priority for a lot of owners looking to upgrade.
12:29 pm
12:30 pm
12:31 pm
12:32 pm
jane: one of the goals of the cash for clunkers program was to get gas-guzzlers' off the road and greener cars on the road. but did that happen? jon: if you were dying and lost a lot of weight, you would be proud, but what did the before and after pictures ended up on the website without your permission, and without your real name? jane: ied's, and they are a dangerous threat to our soldiers. some progress is being made on them. jon: republicans are calling on
12:33 pm
americans go -- to go door to door to talk to their congress members about health care. the gop ballot comes less than two days before nancy pelosi is expected to push for a floor vote on health care overhaul. joining me now is john larsen, the chair of the house democratic congress. thank you for being with us. the wall street -- "the wall street journal" describes rank- and-file support for democrats as shaky. what are you doing to reassure them? >> it would not be the first time i disagree with "the wall street journal" and we look forward to its passage. the bill will be on the floor tomorrow evening, will be carried over to saturday, and will vote saturday afternoon. jon: you may have solid support
12:34 pm
from democrat -- which would disagree from the report -- but no republicans are expected to vote for this thing. how would you feel about that? >> we feel that they, frankly. we wish we had their support. this is such an important issue, you would think that everyone would have an oar in the water with this. we have to have the notion of covering all americans. that is what this does. it exposes a donut holes that are currently in the system, expands coverage. we wish they would join us in this effort, but they have chosen not to. jon: but is there not smoke and mirrors when it comes to paying for this? >> not at all --
12:35 pm
jon: don't some of the taxes kick in only two years after it begins? >> this is a deficit neutral and what the president has asked for. it is important for the american people, especially when we have this problem with jobs, because insurance is often associated with employment. we need to make sure people have access to health care. we need to make sure people cannot be denied because of pre- existing conditions. that is what this legislation does. jon: let me continue with some questions about abortion. there is said to be a number of democratic members nervous about what is in the bill. what about that question? are there federal dollars that would pay for abortions in this
12:36 pm
bill? >> that has always been a controversial and personal issue, a matter of conscience, so there is deep and abiding respect to that. i believe those issues will be worked out before the vote. jon: perhaps as early as saturday? >> correct. jon: thank you. good to talk to you. jane: onto cash for clunkers, no doubt the program gave a boost to the car industry, but what about the environment? it was supposed to replace gas guzzlers with more efficient cars, but there is evidence that that did not exactly happened. the enemy? >> -- jenna lee? >> the report from ap shows that
12:37 pm
you had a 67,000 cars that were traded in. the most common was a four--- ford f-150. in fact, they were more likely to go for a new version of their truck. the miles per gallon in a state doing that, depending on the model they traded in, was only a few miles. if you look at the top traded in vehicles, most of the time, the owners just traded in for a new version of the same size vehicle. so that is the trend that we are hearing from the associated press. that comes to about 95,000 cars. if you want to look at that data differently, you can say that
12:38 pm
six out of seven are getting better mileage, and that is essentially what the government wants to see with this program. of the top sellers, we definitely saw a move to be minor, more fuel-efficient vehicles. on top, the toyota corolla, honda civic, and others. this program cost us about $3 billion. for that money, we got about 2.5 hours of regular carbon dioxide emissions in our country. that is at least some of the break down that we are seeing. in terms of benefits of the program, we may not know that for awhile.
12:39 pm
this is just one of the reports we are seeing. jane: thank you. jon: forecasters say it will be a major weather event. hurricane ida is rolling ashore. central america will be pounded with torrential rains that could trigger massive flooding, mudslides, and worse. her next stop is the gulf of mexico receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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trace: coming up on "the live desk" a man who says there is a war with and the white house, concerned about what to do in guantanamo bay. lindsey graham will be here. alisyn: you know-no "gossip girl." there is a racy episode coming
12:43 pm
up, and we will tell you what some parents are trying to do to stop it. jon: they are getting ready for a surprise hurricane that will be hitting nicaragua. the storm has the potential to leave a swath of destruction behind before moving on to its next target. janice dean is with us from the talks with their center -- fox weather center. >> this is one of the fastest- intensifying storms in recent history. it did make landfall in nicaragua earlier this morning and is expected to move across. there will be heavy rainfall and we could see as much as 2 feet of rain, which would cause some flooding. we will be monitoring this.
12:44 pm
the other reason we need to watch the skies is a cone of uncertainty brings the stormed into the caribbean, making its way into the gulf of mexico once again as a tropical storm. do we think it is going to become a hurricane? no, but it could make landfall in the u.s.. we do think there is a good chance it will move more to the north and east, so florida needs to be on the lookout. taking a look at the computer models, all lot of them are forecasting the storm to skirt the yucatan peninsula and then into the gulf of mexico where the water is warm and expected to testify -- intensify the storm.
12:45 pm
a hurricane and buys it may still up for nicaragua. that storm is eventually going to move across on doors and across the southwest caribbean. here is a look at the rest of the country. just a storm system moving across the great lakes into the northeast. another storm system impacting the northwest heading into the weekend. back by popular demand, dean's list is back. you know when you are driving and you come to a fork in the road? this is pasadena where someone got creative and put a fork in the road. they said it was a guerrilla art installation. they say they are going to try to make it a landmark and it is
12:46 pm
not really in danger unless someone actually drives into the fork. pretty cool. stick a fork in me, i am done. >> harris faulkner error at the breaking news desk. we have summit missing -- information on a missing person. carol thomas. some witnesses saw this woman wednesday night being forced into a parked car by three men. based on that information, police in missouri right now are looking all over the area for her. they have now found the vehicle they were looking for. it is completely burned out.
12:47 pm
no evidence that they can work with or that anyone was inside. carol thomas, 23 years old. there is the tipline. jon: she lost more than 100 pounds on a popular diet program but guess what? her pictures started to appear on website for weight loss products she had never even used, without her knowledge. what can she do to have those pictures taken down? i have asthma. and when my symptoms-the coughing, wheezing, tightness in my chest came back- i knew i had to see my doctor. he told me i had choices in controller medicines. we chose symbicort. symbicort starts to improve my lung function within 15 minutes. that's important to me because i know the two medicines in symbicort are beginning to treat my symptoms and helping me take control of my asthma. and that makes symbicort a good choice for me. symbicort will not replace a rescue inhaler
12:48 pm
for sudden symptoms. and should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol may increase the chance of asthma-related death. so, it is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on other asthma medicines. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. i know symbicort won't replace a rescue inhaler. within 15 minutes symbicort starts to improve my lung function and begins to treat my symptoms. that makes symbicort a good choice for me. you have choices. ask your doctor if symbicort is right for you. (announcer) if you cannot afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help.
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jon: she posted her before and after pictures on line to share her diet success with friends, but one denver woman found that
12:51 pm
her story turned into an on-line scam. after her pictures were stolen off of a south beach support the site, she became known as the gillian on one website and brittany on another. she tried to get the companies who used the picture to take them down, but so far no luck. christine, her real name, is with me right now. you lost 130 pounds. congratulations, first of all. south beach is what you used. you are proud of what you did. >> exactly. the diet work for me. i lost the weight over four years. i wanted to give people an inspiration that they could to get as well. jon: all of a sudden you get
12:52 pm
a phone call from someone else looking at south beach, and dathey see this advertisement fr acai berry? it turns out that your name is being usepicture is being used a different name. how did that happen? >> i guess they took my picture from the website. perhaps they have people who scour for these types of things. i do not have copyright on them. it was just meant to be a friend the posting of pictures to help other people. jon: the company makes this product says they are not responsible because they hired someone else to push their product, and it was that someone else who stole your pictures.
12:53 pm
how can they get away with that? >> i do not think they can. they simply cannot do that for commercial profit, unless she had signed a waiver stating that she would no longer be able to benefit from the pictures and, in essence, was selling them. however, that is not the case. but these companies cannot do is say, these were our affiliates, so we are not responsible. there are still damages here. there was a recent suit that just settled, woody allen versus american apparel. very similar situation where his images were used on billboards and there was a settlement made. jon: so she has a pretty good case? >> absolutely. jon: so this laboratory company
12:54 pm
cannot just say that they are not responsible because they outsourced this to an advertising company? >> we are to think that they have no affiliation their associates that are working for them? these are public websites, they are not hit him in any way. they have to have some responsibility for what their affiliates are doing, otherwise they should not be using them. jon: thanks to both of you. jane: they are called the number one threat for our soldiers in iraq and afghanistan. improvised explosive devices. what is the government trying to do to end this threat? . . medicare.
12:55 pm
it doesn't cover everything. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money. that's why you should consider... an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan...
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insured by united healthcare insurance company. it can help cover some of what medicare doesn't... so you could save up to thousands of dollars... in out-of-pocket expenses. call now for this free information kit... and medicare guide. if you're turning 65 or you're already on medicare, you should know about this card; it's the only one of its kind... that carries the aarp name -- see if it's right for you. you choose your doctor. you choose your hospital. there are no networks and no referrals needed. help protect yourself from some of what medicare doesn't cover. save up to thousands of dollars... on potential out-of-pocket expenses... with an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by united healthcare insurance company. call now for your free information kit... and medicare guide and find out... how you could start saving.
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jane: ied's on the number one
12:58 pm
threat for american soldiers serving in afghanistan. a new task force is working to try to eliminate them. they have arranged a special demonstration. steve centanni is at the pentagon. has the military gotten better at detecting them? >> they have gotten better. they are focusing on the real solution, which will be to make the soldiers more aware of the overall situation, and try to determine what the threat might be presented itself. there's more troops on the ground in afghanistan, so the problem has doubled in the past two years. as we put more troops on the field, it will be a bigger problem. these things are everything from a very simple device that is triggered by a cell phone to suicide vest or truck bomb. there's a thing called a
12:59 pm
buffalo, which is a big vehicle that could find these bombs. situational awareness is even more important for the soldiers to know what is around them. one soldier who has been in many of these accidents talks about who is best suited to watch their total environment. let's listen to this. >> maybe a deer hunter or a turkey hunter. they have found that they do a better job of locating and detecting ied's. i think it is because they grew up in an area and they would go hunting. if you ever banned deer hunting or turkey hunting, that's very tough to sit someplace, be still, and scan your whole area. >> he knows what he is talking about. he's been in 40 ied attacks and he has lived to talk about them. jon: thank you. the "live desk" starts right w.


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